Facilitating growth and healing for all ages through the therapeutic power of play, expressive arts, and the human-animal bond.

Child-Centered Play Therapy

Sand Tray and Expressive Art

Animal-Assisted Counseling

Children 3-10 Years Old

CCPT is a developmentally appropriate form of counseling, generally involving children up to 10 years old, but sometimes beneficial for older clients as well.  A carefully selected assortment of toys is available, providing the “words” to express a full range of thoughts and feelings through the “language” of play.  The play therapist connects with the child using words and posture, actively joining in play only if invited by the child.  This allows a child to feel heard and understood, which then can make way for them to work through difficult issues.

Pre-teens to Adults

Much as toys and play are used for words and expression of children, figures, sand, and art materials are used by older clients who are unable or unwilling to verbalize their feelings to communicate, making it especially beneficial for clients with a history of trauma.  Even those that feel comfortable with talk therapy often benefit from the ability to explore deeper meanings and more possible solutions to issues.  Since this is not intended to be an art class, many clients (young and old) report that they feel freedom in the non-judgmental and creative atmosphere.


In this form of counseling, the counselor is joined by a specially trained and evaluated pet.  The pet is integrated into the therapeutic process based on the client's age as an essential part in supporting the client in reaching therapeutic goals.  Therefore, this may look differently for each client.

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