Therapy in a child's first language.

Play Therapy

As infants, we come into this world with the built-in ability to grow and develop.  The circumstances in which we grow affect us, however.  Unusual or even everyday experiences can lead to unhealthy or inappropriate ways of getting our needs met.

Children may react to family conflict, trauma, crisis, or loss in a variety of ways.  Symptoms of their reactions can take many forms.  Parents and caregivers may notice unexplained headaches or stomach aches; social withdrawal; behavior problems; or attention difficulties - just to name a few.

Play therapy helps a child to re-establish a healthy connection within themselves and with others.  Specially selected toys provide a natural means for children to express their thoughts and feelings.  The play therapist responds and joins in with the child in a way that helps promote relationship and trust.  All of which results in a special space that supports the child in re-achieving healthy self-regulation, connection, and ability to grow.

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