COVID-19 Information

With the completion of our outdoor counseling and play therapy areas, in-office sessions are now available for existing clients.  Our safety and comfort is very important to me, so I am taking these measures (and others) to help reduce the chances of any of us getting sick:

  • clients are asked to wait outdoors until their appointment time

  • weather permitting, all sessions are held outdoors 

  • hand sanitizer/hand washing is used before and after sessions

  • clients are asked to wear masks during sessions, I will wear one at all times

  • all toys and books have been removed from waiting room

  • indoor areas used by clients (such as restroom) are sprayed with sanitizer between sessions

  • clients and I will only attend in-person sessions if we are feeling well, have no fever, and have not been exposed to someone who may be ill

  • telehealth sessions are offered as an alternative to in-person sessions (clients are encouraged to check with their individual insurance providers to ensure telehealth coverage)

  • I will continue to monitor CDC and local guidelines and adjust my procedures as needed

Please keep in mind that although we are taking these precautions, I cannot guarantee that the office and outdoor areas are entirely virus free.  

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